Brownsea Island

  • Brownsea island is just off the harbour at Poole. The only way to get there is by ferry, there are no cycles or cars on the island , just the tranquility of nature. The island is owned by the National Trust.

    The history of the island is very varied and interesting for such a small island.

    “For such a little island, it has had a remarkably varied history: military stronghold; industrial site; refuge for wildlife and Edwardian society. It has been pillaged by Viking raiders and blitzed by Nazi bombers.

    Occupied since the Iron Age, Brownsea has seen a fascinating succession of owners. The most recent include the van Raaltes, who hosted the first Scout camp in 1907, led by Lord Baden-Powell. Reclusive private owner, Mary Bonham-Christie, then bought the island in 1927 and turned it into a dedicated nature conservation area.”

    Today its more known for the Guides and the Scouts camping .   Though it is a well established nature reserve , with hides all over the island to watch the birds and the squirrels .

    It is the Squirrel that brings me to the island namely the red squirrel. This is the only place in England you can find red Squirrels , they were bullied by the bigger grey squirrel and chased out of their native lands.

    My walk through the island to find the squirrels was beautiful, but there was so many others wandering around quite noisy that the more shy residents did not appear , I would have loved to see the deer on the island .

    We were advised the red squirrels are shy but they put feeders around so they will come and feed in full view.  To say I feel in love with them is an understatement they are such cute endearing animals .

    I hope to go back one day but will try and choose a quiet day where I can stay longer and sit quietly waiting for the deer.




    The other visitor we had was this gorgeous little robin who knew no fear, was quite happy to hop about on the picnic table looking for scraps of food .

    It was a most enjoyable day walking with nature. If you wish to know more about Brownsea island  here is a link to the official page. Interestingly the have a cottage that you can rent on the island oh the bliss when all other tourists have gone home.

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