weekly photo Challenge Urban

So this weeks challenge is Urban, but what is Urban to everyone, the normal is concrete areas, built up areas, but to me my urban areas are rural villages, fields full of sheep, horses  and  trees. Among my photos I have found a couple of photos that I hope will fit what the populous belief is.

My first choice, is Cambridge, with all the universities and the different cultures mixing together


My Second Choice is the main street of Scarborough with all the lights to entice the tourists in and the ruins in the background


My next choice is London, China Town  again with the mix of cultures and the tourists all mixing


Urban photography does show, does not matter who you are where you are from, we all have the same issues  and goals in our lives.


13 thoughts on “weekly photo Challenge Urban

  1. Hi,

    my name is Terence and I posted this week’s photo challenge. I would like to put together a gallery of (some of) the submissions and wanted to ask your for permission to include your shot! If so, could you send me a link or the file?


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