To Be Owned By a Rescue Animal

Rescue Animals


The  main animal that I have rescued are dogs. There are so many places that need support and where you can find a dog for you.  There are rescue centres that dedicate to certain breeds of dog, or other rescue places that will take in any mixed breed.

This is the original photo of kizzy at the kennels

My latest rescue dog, her name is Kizzy. She had been stuck in kennels for three years  and they reckon she was about 5 when we got her. When we met her she was so nervous we had to go and meet her a few times until we were allowed to take her home on a weekend visit, from which she never returned back to the kennels. As soon as she trotted into the house she took over she found her bed and her toys, and made herself at home. We found when feeding she would go and hide her bowl, apparently she did this in kennels, We have bought a new bowl she cannot move. For a dog that was stuck in kennels for three years she is so clean we were pleasantly surprised.

It has not taken long to build up trust and love with Kizzy, she is very much only wanting her little pack Me her dad and herself, anyone else she does not want to know and will be very stand offish, which I quite like, this make her our little girl. Selfish I know.

Kizzy has her own little fan club last christmas she received more presents than we did.

In the two years we have had kizzy we have introduced her to riding in the car, without being ill, she has been on holiday, we have slowly introduced her to other people, which she is still a bit stand offish with. We have been in the situation where she has had to go in kennels short time, and she coped, but then we have found a brilliant kennels who understand rescue dogs.

This is the first time we met Kizzy, very nervous and so stressed

When we first met her, my poor girl

Here we are after being home for nearly a year , notice the changes in her features my baby girl is more sure of herself

Owning her Garden 1

Owning her garden 2

If you can guess what she has in her, good luck, We have come up with terrier muzzle, Alsatian ears, Labrador body , brindle markings and sometimes she has a look of a husky.

We have never regretted rescuing her , she is so loving and fun always up for a play. She will come and nuzzle in when you’re not well and protect from outsiders. She likes us both in the same room, and if we are not she will herd us and nag until we are.

With time and patience a rescued dog is well worth the effort and Kizzy is my 7th rescued dog.

We have been told today by the kennels she sometimes stays with that

We are now owned by her, she will not share us with anyone

Woohoo we are owned by a rescue dog

Kizzy playing


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